Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Toadstool Ressurected!

... Anyway, here the DVD image of the menu for the sequle my Wierded-out C-class monster movie "Attack of the Killer Toadstools", a C-class horror flick entitled "Toadstool Resurected!"
For those of you who do not know (all of you): AotKT involved a mutated (claymation) Toadstool that defeated the U.S. army, ate the president, Terrorist Leader Oskar Bin Grouchin, and lots of other junk, only to be defeated by an old lady with some weed killer who then become famous. Yeah....
The Sequal, which I will probally never get to making, is even weirder. Basicly, some Magical Nazis from demension X ressurect the toadstool so they can take over, but then get killed cause Nazis are stupid.

The Toadstool is a vampire-like-thingy now, and everyone it drains blood from become... wait for it... EVIL ZOMBIE TOADS!
The Horror!
So, I can have cheesy vampire spoofs and Zombie spoofs..... but I probally won't, because even cheesy monster movies take lots of time, and this one would be even more fantasticly cheesy than the last... (which, sadly, took me a whole 6 months to make...)


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