Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Yeah. I was board, so I redid Rose Wilson/Ravager from the Teen Titans Comics in TT animated Style, Making numerous changes.
So, being Slade's daughter, I tried at first to give her a metal-esk outfit... but what resulted from this attempt was so horrible looking that I am too ashamed to post it. Plus, the aggressive looking costume didn't look like it belonged to someone whose main advantage was limited premonition. So, I decided to go with a bit more... well, sexy, outfit, Based more on her original comic design, and made changes from there.

The hair covering mask didn't really work, so I gave her a Phantom of the Opera Half-Mask thing which I immediately decided was awesome. The Bell-bottoms were a bit too much... so I changed them to orange boots. Added oarge lines down her legs (The go around and up her back) Finally, I changed the shoulder pads just because it looked good.


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