Sunday, February 12, 2006


Cant believe I almost forgot this... The Control freak Techno Remix, my biggest creation ever.

Listen to it here

If you like it, You can download it here.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Supa Deformed

Well, I realize no one has commented yet... but oh well. I made a Chibi Doc Ock that i would like to share wit anyone who does happen to read this XD...


Also, SD Rose... Not sure when you would actually see her use this exppression, but oh well. It looks funny enough :)

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Toadstool Ressurected!

... Anyway, here the DVD image of the menu for the sequle my Wierded-out C-class monster movie "Attack of the Killer Toadstools", a C-class horror flick entitled "Toadstool Resurected!"
For those of you who do not know (all of you): AotKT involved a mutated (claymation) Toadstool that defeated the U.S. army, ate the president, Terrorist Leader Oskar Bin Grouchin, and lots of other junk, only to be defeated by an old lady with some weed killer who then become famous. Yeah....
The Sequal, which I will probally never get to making, is even weirder. Basicly, some Magical Nazis from demension X ressurect the toadstool so they can take over, but then get killed cause Nazis are stupid.

The Toadstool is a vampire-like-thingy now, and everyone it drains blood from become... wait for it... EVIL ZOMBIE TOADS!
The Horror!
So, I can have cheesy vampire spoofs and Zombie spoofs..... but I probally won't, because even cheesy monster movies take lots of time, and this one would be even more fantasticly cheesy than the last... (which, sadly, took me a whole 6 months to make...)


Yeah. I was board, so I redid Rose Wilson/Ravager from the Teen Titans Comics in TT animated Style, Making numerous changes.
So, being Slade's daughter, I tried at first to give her a metal-esk outfit... but what resulted from this attempt was so horrible looking that I am too ashamed to post it. Plus, the aggressive looking costume didn't look like it belonged to someone whose main advantage was limited premonition. So, I decided to go with a bit more... well, sexy, outfit, Based more on her original comic design, and made changes from there.

The hair covering mask didn't really work, so I gave her a Phantom of the Opera Half-Mask thing which I immediately decided was awesome. The Bell-bottoms were a bit too much... so I changed them to orange boots. Added oarge lines down her legs (The go around and up her back) Finally, I changed the shoulder pads just because it looked good.

Monday, February 06, 2006


This here is my blog...
but you probally allready guessed that.
Here is were i will be posting any random stuff that i make, draw, or create.
Ranging from Fanart to origanal creation, there truely is no method to my madness!

I just felt like starting with a pic of my cartoon character, Evil Bob. I actually created this little dude before Grim and Evil or anything like that... Brain in the jar still istn that origanal, but oh well, what cha gonna do?

Over to the right is... Superdork. Lame name, but you have no idea how fun it is writing storys with him